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"Cât vreți dați pe această bicicletă?"

Translation:How much do you want to give on this bicycle?

November 22, 2016



How much do you want to give FOR this bicycle sounds fine in English.


Is this like in an auction?


Yes. A better translation: How much are you willing/do you want to pay for this bicycle?


Or even better, How much do you want to spend on this bicycle?


"Translation:How much do you want to give on this bicycle?" I am ready to give everything I have for 30 minutes ON this bike. But why is "for this bike" not correct? Can it not also be about money?


It is about money and the ‘correct’ translation makes no sense... Each word was translated out of context and then put together. No one says ‘how much do you want to give’ when meaning ‘how much can you pay’. Also, as you correctly pointed out, it is ‘for’, not ‘on’. In romanian, ‘pe’ can mean both things, so you need to derive it from context.


I used for and I'm sure it is much better than on. This is not a bet on the horse's race!


I gave in and used "on" just to be able to go on.!


Even Google gives a better (or at least more plausible, but still wrong) translation: "How much do you want to get on this bike?"

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