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"Você precisa sentir o gosto deste chocolate."

Translation:You need to feel the taste of this chocolate.

February 13, 2013



This sentence does not make any sense in English.


It should just be "You need to taste this chocolate" right?


yes, that sentence is actually considered as "correct" by duolingo ;)


Ok, I see what you mean know... when selecting one correct option among the others there still appears the option "you need to feel the taste...". anyways, they've got to improve this version.


How do you feel a taste?


I think that "sentir" in the Portuguese should translate here as "experience" the taste... Anybody know if it is actually wrong to write out "de este" in places like this instead of the contraction "deste"? (Like in English we can say "can not" or the contraction "can't".)


Unlike the contraction can't for cannot, deste is always used, never "de este."


I'm sure "experience" is the correct word, and I had just told DL so before looking at the discussion. "You need to taste this chocolate for yourself" seems to me a good rendering - if a Brazilian ever said the words in the first place.

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