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  5. "Εγώ περνώ."

"Εγώ περνώ."

Translation:I pass.

November 22, 2016



is there a pronunciation difference between παιρνω and περνω ? are they homonyms?

  • Περνώ (with the stress on "ώ") = pass, spend
  • Παίρνω (with the stress on the first syllable) = take

I hope that this helps. :-)


Another pair distinguished by spelling in writing but only by accent in speech is

χώρος = space

χορός = dance

(And one that is distinguished only by accent is νόμος "law" versus νομός "nome [name of an administrative area in Greece]".)


Excellent - thanks


ξέρω+ξερό, σήκω+σύκο, λίπη+λύπη, τύχη+τείχη, κάλλος+καλός+κάλος, πέτο+πετώ, Άννα+ανά κλπ This phenomenon gave birth to the greek alphabet


ευχαριστώ πολύ!


What does this verb actually mean? Pass/go through what? In what context can I use this?


μου πέρασε ο θυμός=My anger passed, σε περνάω στο τρέξιμο=I surpass you on the run, οι σχέσεις με τη γειτονική χώρα περνούν φάση οξύτητας=Relations with the neighboring country are undergoing acidity, οι αθλητές μας πέρασαν τα όρια που είχαν τεθεί για την πρόκριση=Our athletes have crossed the limits set for qualifying, περάσαμε πολλές στενοχώριες=We have gone through many sorrows, περάσαμε καλά=we had a good time, πέρασα στην ιατρική=I succeeded to medicine etc (maybe)

[deactivated user]

    Εσείς δεν θα περνάτε!


    Does "έχω περνώ μέσα από" mean "I go/pass through"?

    • έχω = I have
    • εγώ = I

    Other than that, I think yes, but μέσα από is a (compound) preposition, not an adverb, so you would use that if there is a noun following, e.g. "I pass through the tolls" (Εγώ περνώ μέσα από τα διώδια).

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