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OK...here's a gripe from a fully ripened ego. I ran through duo-lingo in two days, and got 'certified', and my fluency was figured at 53 %. My French, learned on the streets of Paris, allows me to pass among the French and not be mistaken for a foreigner. I've been called on to translate and interpret workshops going both ways...

I'm now four months into this, and I'm only 56% fluent. Fifty-six! What? But that's not the worst. Many of my students have become competitive, and one of my first years is approaching forty percent!

What am I going to do, when one of my students is more fluent than I? What is the formula for increasing fluency? Do you guys have no mercy? Is there any button I can push to provide artificial intelligence, for my reputation's sake?

Yours with tongue in cheek.

November 22, 2016



It's impossible to reach 100% fluency, literally. I wouldn't trust the fluency bar at all, it's kinda screwed up.


Ha ha ha Duo at least understands that getting everything in the course right does not make you 100% fluent. Surely you know that you know stuff they did not test you on. How can they declare you capable of answering what they did not ask?


The fluency percent is so skewed! Also, it's impossible for it to say 100%

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