Polish Grammar: Cases and Declensions

After several months of steadily improving my Polish language skills, I am still battling with some aspects of the grammar, namely the cases and individual declensions, most especially that of the nouns.

At present, I am only comfortable with the Nominative and the Instrumental cases in singular and plural.

What I would like to request is for someone to please direct me to proper resources regarding this; or for someone to take a basic noun from each gender (including masculine personal, animate and inanimate) and form respective sentences with each one of those nouns in each of the cases.

I have read what each case is used for and I understand that. What I need is to see it in practical, systematic and comprehensive usage.

Please help!

November 22, 2016

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The Polish wikibook has some good explanations, and there are some good resources linked from the Polish page on the wiki. Wiktionary is always useful for declension, conjugations, etc - it's an excellent multi-lingual dictionary.

November 22, 2016
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