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  5. "- Pe curând! - La revedere!"

"- Pe curând! - La revedere!"

Translation:- See you soon! - Goodbye!

November 22, 2016



Keep writing 'see you later' and it doesnt accept it(


Same! I always learnt it as see you later


Soon and later don't mean the same thing I think


Is it just me, or does the slow pronunciation sound complete different for "Pe curand" than the fast pronunciation?


Is see you later not a valid translation?


jl45a, ”see you later” is better translated in Romanian as ”ne vedem mai târziu


Revedere... looks like "arrivederci" in italian which also means "goodbye". Gotta be a root in there somewhere.


Yes, of course, all the different versions in the different languages has to do with the idea of seeing again someone: re-voir, re-vedere, ri-veder(ci/La), re-veure (in Catalan), plus a preposition placed before: au revoir, la revedere, arrivederci (here the preposition a- has merged with the rest of the expression), a reveure. Also in German, they have the same structure: Auf Wiedersehen (literally, 'on seeing again')


Sorry if that seems rude but I keep wondering what kind of m***nic person can downvote a perfectly neutral and only informative comment, like the one above.


Lingo_David, your post is great, maybe someone considered it too much informative. Don't waste your time counting down-votes. Grab the precious stones!


Thanks, iiai!


Yes, od course - as both are romanian languages


La revedere is probably pretty close to au revoir as well. The root is the part that means 'see,' with a prefix meaning 'again.' The English 'review' (or 'revise') has the same root and prefix but isn't used in the same way at all. While we translate the first three as 'goodbye,' I suspect they started out meaning 'till we meet again.'


I think it looks closer to "à la revoyure" than to "au revoir" in French, it's less used but means the same and means "at the when we see again"


These two "bye" Romanian exclamations are introduced here as a little conversation between two persons. The Romanian language convention to indicate dialogues is to use the "-" sign to the left of every dialogue phrase/sentence. But this is an quite old course. Now the elements of a conversation are introduced one by one in courses and conversations are better reflected in https://stories.duolingo.com


¡Hasta la vista, Baby!


Does anyone want to form a study group and learn romanian together? And would any native speakers like to tutor us?


Aren't "pe curând" and "la revedere" not the same thing, where's the difference?


pe curând= see you soon la revedere= bye

pe curând, la revedere= see you soon, bye


curând = soon ; pe curând = see you soon

re = prefix meaning "again", vedere = "seeing", "sight"; la revedere = see you again


She adds an invisible "a" to the beginning of "revedere" that mimics "arrivaderce."


Salve,scrivo diverse volte giusto,ma mon va avanti?!?!

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