"Anna is in the kitchen."

Translation:Ana este la bucătărie.

November 22, 2016

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what means "ana se alfa in bucatarie" ? did we learn that? i don't know what "se alfa" and "in" mean....


Why is "Anna este la bucatarie" not accepted? I know Ana is more common for Romanian speakers for their kids, but that shouldn't result in all spelling changes for an Anna born in the United States or England who is still speaking Romanian.


Why not "Ana este în bucătărie"?


My biggest issue with this course is multi choice questions where we are marked wrong for not selecting an answer that has at no point been taught: Ana este în bucătărie.

în - can someone point me to the lesson in which this was taught? No? Thats because it was never taught and yet I am expected to select it as an answer. BS.


You should ask for your money back.


It's a beta course. It was made by volunteers. It took them over a year to build what you see now. If you expect perfection, you should wait a year or so before using it.


I can't believe no one has commented on this sooner, that has been driving me crazy. I keep trying to figure out if I have totally blanked on the lesson they taught us these words. Thanks for commenting at least I know I'm not crazy.


Why is "Anna este în bucatarie" not accepted?


I think 'se află' should be wrong here. Literally it means 'is located in' / 'stands in'. In other questions these differences are also marked as wrong. And here is an answer expected to be marked as right, which has a quiet difference... However the meaning and information behind are the same and would be understood... But it's very hard to learn, if the course is strict at one point, and loose and streched at another. Appreciate if you could check this again and adjust it to one direction. Thank's.


dece bucataie? bucataia nu este corect?


I thought we should leave the accent marks off the word kitchen since it's 'the kitchen' and not just 'kitchen'. What's the difference here?


I think the correct answer can be reached by eliminating the obviously incorrect answers based on the words already taught. You should know that Anna isn't in the mustard, for example.

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