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"Golul tău de ieri a fost frumos."

Translation:Your goal from yesterday was beautiful.

November 22, 2016



Dosent sound right in English. Try ' your goal yesterday was beutiful'


"Your goal from yesterday was beautiful", said no English speaker ever.


Interesting use of inversion


"Your goal yesterday was beautiful" still not accepted January 12th 2020.


and still not on 8 November 2021!!!


in english the word FROM is superfluous and may even be wrong.


Since "Your goal" means that he made/scored the goal, and since it occurred yesterday (a discrete event in the past) it is somewhat unnatural to say that his goal is "from" yesterday since this implies a more ongoing effect on - or feature of - the goal that persists into the here and now.

It sounds better to say "Your goal yesterday was beautiful" Or... "The goal you made yesterday was beautiful" (a more expanded version of the same notion)


Your goal yesterday was beautiful. When I go to report the tick box only gives, "My answer should not be accepted." SO need a tick box to say that my answer should be accepted!!!


Nu se traduce corect. Trebuie să scrie "your goal yesterday..."


why: "Your yesterday's goal was beautiful " was not accepted?


Your answer is not good English. The given answer is ok and we could say "Your goal yesterday was beautiful".


Please accept "Your goal yesterday was beautiful". Much appreciated.


If the purpose of the translation is to reflect correct English you really need to update the whole Romanian course, it is full of awkwardnesses. If this is what would be said in Romanian then fine, but that needs to be made clear.


"Your goal FROM yesterday" is simply wrong. No native English speaking person would ever say that. I am so tired of losing hearts, because the makers of this course don't know the language.


"Your goal yesterday was beautiful" is currently still marked as incorrect as of August 2021.


If you use "Yesterday" as an adjective before goal it would be accepted. Try this one which sounds more English for me and gets accepted: "Your yesterday goal was beautiful."


Why are there SO MANY bad translations into English???????


What's with all the football references? Are these really the most relevant expressions to learn when studying Romanian?

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