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Missing words in lessons

I had posted this in the Turkish forum and I was suggested to move it here. Following is what I had posted:

I don't know if this has been asked before, but as of late I've noticed that one or two words usually don't appear when learning a specific lesson in a skill. However, if you go back and strengthen that skill, those words appear and I have no idea what those words mean (since I didn't come across them in the first place).

For example, I'm currently learning the Numbers skill and there are words like "yarısı" and "çoğunluk" that I can clearly see in the lesson preview but they do not appear when learning those respective lessons.

I don't know if this a common theme in duolingo, but if there is a fix to this, please let me know! Teşekkür ederim! :)

November 22, 2016



This is indeed a problem that plagues Duolingo from time to time. The best way I can think to still learn the words is to make sure all of the words the lesson says it will teach are covered (as you clearly have), make a notebook of the words and fill them in as the lesson covers them. If the lesson neglects to address a word, look up the meaning and write the word in a few different sentences to help it cement inside your head. Hope this helps, as there isn't much more that can be done for it. =)


And that is exactly what I do haha! I thought it was only happening with me. Let's just hope Duolingo notices it and fixes it asap. Nonetheless, thanks much for the advice! :)


I actually don't see that this is much of a problem for anyone who reviews the lessons regularly. Does it really matter if the word comes up on the third time through, rather than the first?


Frankly, to not come across those words in the first place feels a bit disoriented to the flow of language learning, especially to one who maintains a notebook for the vocabulary learnt in each lesson. And so, those words are easily forgotten; aren't as strong as the other words. So yeah, it does matter :)

And just because it's a minor glitch doesn't mean it shouldn't be fixed :)

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