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Not getting en->ro sentences from Duolingo

For some reason, the Romanian course never asks me to translate into Romanian. Every other course I've done has made me translate into the target language.

Unfortunately, I find that I'm not really learning any grammar or active vocabulary this way. Why is it different now? Can I fix it so that I do get to do more translation into Romanian?

November 22, 2016



That's a Duo decision and it's the same for every course.


Ok thanks for the info. I guess I'll live with it for now


Since when? I just got EN->RO sentences for this course.


That happens on every course


I have the same feeling but let's hope this will change once the course is out of beta :)


Well, just found out it's a duolingo thing, and not a Romanian course specific thing. HelpfulDuo answered your question here.


I have tested out the course, and from time to time, I get en->ro sentences...
You're saying you didn't receive ANY sentences or word exercises where you had to translate from English to Romanian? Because if so, this is a bug I must report. :-)


I'm currently on LVL 7 and I've probably gotten 3-4 sentences I had to translate from EN to RO so far.


also level 7, and I have got only a 2-3 of full sentences for en->ro. Single words come up a little more often, but they don't help much with learning.

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