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"El nu cultivă decât grâu anul acesta."

Translation:He only cultivates wheat this year.

November 22, 2016



"He grows nothing but wheat this year" was not accepted. There is a consistent problem in guessing what is required as the correct answer when translating negatives, as Romanian uses the double negative and English the single negative. It is hard to know which one of the two negatives will be dropped and which kept.


how would you say 'he doesn't grow only wheat'?


“El nu cultiva doar grâu...” and you could continue with saying “...ci și orez, orz, ovăz, porumb etc”


It's unnatural to the indicative in this context. Either both tenses should be accepted or use the progressive "is growing", it's what a native English speaker would say


Very awkward sentence


The English is ambiguous as to whether it is only wheat or only this year. How about the Romanian?


"He is only growing wheat this year." Is much more fluent English than the "Correct answer."

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