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  5. "Now it is your turn."

"Now it is your turn."

Translation:Jetzt bist du dran.

February 13, 2013



Why do we have an inverted question-like structure ("bist du"), instead of "du bist"?


Why not "jetzt du bist dran" as it is not a question how do you say "Is it your turn now?" then, don't get it... can someone explain it to me please.


why does: "Du bist dran jetzt" not work?


I have a feeling dran can't be in the position right after the verb, however "Du bist jetzt dran" doesn't work either, so it might be DL. I'm not sure


Why does 'du bist jetzt dran' not work?


I don't understand why it's not: "Jetzt du bist dran". Why is "du" and "bist" switched, especially since it's not a question but a statement. Can someone explain this?


In a statement, the verb should usually be in the second position. You can say "Du bist jetzt dran" or if you bring "jetzt" to the beginning, you have to move the subject "du" after the verb to make sure the verb stays in the second position: "Jetzt bist du dran"

Keep in mind that the first "position" is not necessarily the first "word", because the first position might include the subject and its adjectives (i.e. The whole phrase "Der Mann" could go in the first position, not just "Der")

Also keep in mind that subordinate clauses have their verb at the end instead: "Ich weiß, dass du dran bist" The independent clause "Ich weiß" is the one that has the normal verb placement.


Is 'daran' acceptable as it is the long form of 'dran'?


Can a native German speaker explain why "Jetzt ist es dein dran." is incorrect?


Because dein needs a noun. Dein Schuh, deine Küche and so on. Du does not


This is why DL's translation is misleading. It says "dran" means turn, but it doesn't at all. "Ich bin dran" literally means "I am thereon" or "I am next".


dran comes from daran, which means 'at the turn' or 'at it'. It's not something you have.


I suppose the closest English equivalent would be "you're up," which effectively conveys that it's your turn.


Remember verb is always the second Chunk of sentence so"Jetzt bist du drans " instead of Jetzt du bist dran


Should we use du bist at the beginning of sentences and if we want to say this between sentences should we get help from bist du?


I wrote "sind Sie", which should be accepted - as the formal version of the given answer.

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    Why "bist du dran" ?? This is not a question.. it should be jetzt du bist dran.. isn't it?


    Plz check the above comments , JackBond replied with full details... :)


    What der ❤❤❤❤

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