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  5. "He never finds his car."

"He never finds his car."

Translation:Él nunca encuentra su coche.

February 13, 2013



difference between Él and ello?


El = he and ello is a neuter object pronoun, I think I do know that you want "El" here ;)


Encuentra--to meet, to encounter, to find. Haller--to find, to discover, to locate. In this sentence I responded " el nunca halla" and was wrong with a comment to the effect to not confuse encuentra and halla. Can anyone explain the difference or preference between the two spanish words to me?


I don't know, I've not come across "haller" yet. Did you report your answer as correct? Because they are good at fixing things like this, it's probably just an oversight.


Why could I not use jamás?


I was told that "nunca" means never whereas "jamás" means never ever. Basically, the latter is stronger, so will only be uses in certain instances. I have no idea why it can't be used here or when it would be considered right, but I think "nunca" will most often be correct as "jamás" is more definite. Therefore I only use "jamás" if I have to, or if I'm absolutely certain that it is correct.


Duo took ~5 years but now they accept "jamás"!


"El nunca busca su coche" was marked wromg :/


Yeah, encontrar means to find. Buscar means to look for. I was wrong

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