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Beyond the beta . . .

I have a few suggestions for improvement that I think would helpful for the sight.

  1. A central location where can we quickly review all the words and phrases we've learned to date. I think this can scalable if there is a site for each square (ie, by the time I've learned verbs, there can be a site where I go to everything I've learned. If scale continues to a problem, you could create several sites based on traffic or partition the material (not sure what your scale is at this point).

  2. If somewhere on my profile, there is a place where I can see how others have rated my web translation submissions - additionally, it would be nice to see a history of what I've translated or have those words and phrases incorporated into the daily learning. Another option could be to have a list of the websites your translating in one spot. I could then flip back in forth between the actual and what this site has provided.

  3. Once we've completed a lesson, it would be nice to have the voice and translations available on my mobile phone, so for example, I could listen to them while I'm driving to work or waiting at the bus station

March 10, 2012

1 Comment

  1. In case 1 wasn't clear, I was trying to say that for each square, there should be site where all the words and phrases I've learned to date are accessible
  2. In case 2 wasn't clear, another option could be to have a list of the websites this site uses for translating lessons in one spot. I could then click the link, and then be able to flip back and forth between English and the Foreign language.
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