"The woman has two tables in the kitchen."

Translation:Femeia are două mese în bucătărie.

November 23, 2016

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this was the first lesson where it used "în", where previously it has always been "la". since they have the same meaning (in this sentence), when would one know which to use?


Does "în" always mean "in the"?


My answer was correct: Femeia are două mese la bucătărie. So "la" instead of "în". I'm not native Romanian...so I don't know why...


This one was hard - these lessons are a little unbalanced. A little two many out-of-context plurals and then a sort of hard sentence.


Bucătărie = plural??? It says bucătăria with no explanation when hovering over it. That ahould mean singular shouldn't it?


Is that the same meaning but in another area of Romania? Soxonline.ro doesn't have bucătăria....


Hard to know when you should use in bucåtårie or la bucåtårie


Usage of "în" versus "la" encompasses a bit of subtlety.

"în" = in, inside of. Firm localization. "Sunt în casă"

"la" = at, near to. Loose localization. "Sunt la mare"

The two prepositions are often used interchangeably for subjects that may easily change location. "(Eu) sunt în bucătărie" is the same as "(Eu) sunt la bucătărie" but never "masa e la bucătărie" unless it's on wheels or something like that.

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