"The woman speaks English."

Translation:Η γυναίκα μιλάει αγγλικά.

November 23, 2016

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which is correct: μιλάει or μιλά?


Both are 100% correct. They are different forms of the same verb. The verb is μιλάω-μιλώ and is conjugated like this:
μιλάω / μιλώ
μιλά / μιλάει
μιλούμε / μιλάμε
μιλούν/ μιλούνε / μιλάν / μιλάνε
These verbs are called συνηρημένα ρήματα and they are explained in tips of the present 1 lesson.


Hello. I don't have the tips and notes section. Is there any way i can set it up?


Are you using the website or a mobile app? As far as I know, the tips and notes are only available on the duolingo.com website.

So if you're using a mobile app, consider using your device's browser to visit the website at least when you start a new skill to have a look whether that skill has tips and notes. You may need to set your mobile browser to pretend it's a desktop in order to see them.


Thanks a lot! Indeed. Do you know how to install some virtual keyboard for greek in the computer?


I use Windows and I just installed the Greek keyboard that comes with Windows.

There are some links in this sticky forum post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/17706271


Is Αγγλικά written with capital alpha?


I thought that languages in Greek were always written with lower case (e.g. ελληνικά, αγγλικά, γαλλικά). Maybe one of the moderators can give us the definitive answer?


It's not that clear to us, either. Some experts prefer the spelling in uppercase, while others don't.


"Η γυναίκα μιλάει Aγγλικά" I wrote this sentence. Duo wrote : "You used the wrong word. Η γυναίκα μιλάει Αγγλικά. " Did you see any difference?


I wonder whether you mistakenly used a Latin capital h (H) instead of a Greek capital η (Η) at the beginning, because you switched over your keyboard layout too late?


What's the difference between ελλινικα and αλλινικα ?


What's the difference between ελλινικα and αλλινικα ?

Neither of them are Greek words, so in that sense, there is no difference.

The first one sounds the same as ελληνικά, though, which means "Greek".


why "to" is wrong?


What do you mean? There's no place for 'to' in the Greek translation. Please always copy and paste your whole answer to your comment, it's impossible to tell what went wrong by a one word clue.

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