"I don't think so."

Translation:Δε νομίζω.

November 23, 2016

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Don't you need to add "so" (τόσο or έτσι)?


No, in Greek you don't and actually Δεν νομίζω έτσι sound completely unnatural. The equivallent of "so" in this sentence could be Δεν το νομίζω=I don't think it.


In my sentence it was "Δε νομίζω". Is it supposed to be "Δε" or "Δεν"? I see it written the other way in Orpheas's sentences, that's why I'm asking.


What is the difference between νομίζω and σκέφτομαι ? Thank you!


σκέφτομαι = to have thoughts as in 'I'm talking to you and you're lost in your thoughts, what are you thinking of?'
νομίζω = to reckon, a lighter version of 'believe' as in 'I think this is a great book'


just out of curiosity, could i also say "νομιζω οχι" - which (I think) would be "I think not"


could i also say "νομιζω οχι"


νομίζω πως όχι might work, though.


a very late ευχαριστω minzinamo!


"Νομίζω, όχι" could be a valid answer to a question. It is not the same as "I don't think so" or "I think not", though, because the negation is not on "think".

For example, if you ask "Did she go there?", an answer could be "No, I think that she did not go there." or in greek "Όχι, νομίζω πως δεν πήγε εκεί". Then, "όχι" could be transferred inside like: "Νομίζω πως, όχι, δεν πήγε εκεί". And finally by omitting "πως" and the final part you get: "Νομίζω, όχι".

Still "Νομίζω πως όχι" that mizinamo said, sounds better.


Έγραψα μια εναλλακτική μετάφραση " εγώ δεν σκέφτομαι έτσι " και δεν έγινε δεκτή. Πιστεύω όμως πως είναι σωστή και θα έπρεπε να προστεθεί στη βάση δεδομένων.


Sorry, αλλά αυτό αλλάζει το νόημα.Το "I don't think so" είναι μια σταθερή έκφραση που σημαίνει "Αυτό δεν είναι η γνώμη μου, η πεποίθησή μου".

"Εγώ δεν σκέφτομαι έτσι." αλλάζει το νόημα.


Δεκτό, όμως πώς θα λέγαμε το " εγώ δε σκέφτομαι έτσι "; Μήπως " I don't think that way " ή " I don't think like this"; Ευχαριστώ


Το βρήκες μόνος σου! "I don't think that way." or "I don't think like that."

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