"You are men."

Translation:Εσείς είστε άντρες.

November 23, 2016

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What's the difference between ειστε and εισαστε? Are they really completely interchangeable?


They are 100% interchangeable. No difference at all.


Εσεισ means you Εσαστε means you are


This is a perfect answer!


Why are εσείς and εισαστε both needed? It seems that εσεις would be sufficient.


εσείς means "you".

It does not mean "you are".

So Εσείς άντρες would be like "You, men".


In the answer immediately preceeding this, Ειμαστε γυναίκες was correct. A little confusing.


Are you talking about the presence/absence of the personal pronoun?


Why can't it just be εισαστε αντρεσ as εισαστε means 'you are' and the personal pronoun isn't required in the γυναικεσ example?


Either is correct. In case that was your answer and was rejected, please remember to send us a screenshot next time something similar happens. In case you're just asking, your suggestion is included in the possible translations.


I said εμείς (we) instead of εσείς (you) but duo said it was right (as a typo) but it wasn't


Maybe because you forgot to change the verb to match the wrong pronoun.


I don't understand the hints. I think without grammar this one isn't solvable. And even this discussion isn't available before the ever failing attempt to solve it. If I only use the words that are hinted as "you" and "are", I'm wrong. And no, I don't have pen&paper with me all the time. This should be the mobile app after all. Having a short lesson on the train. It's just not any fun without explanation :'(


By hints, I'm assuming you mean the Drop Down Hints which you access by passing your cursor over the word. What I see are: "you are"= "Εσείς είσαστε" and "men"= "άντρες".

I'm on a pc right now so I will have to check if the mobile has anything different.

Grammar can be accessed by going into TIPS which you wouldn't have to do for each sentence. And this one is straight forward...Subject Εσείς verb είσαστε object άνδρες.

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