"Is August a month?"

Translation:August este o lună?

November 23, 2016

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I tried subject-predicate inversion: ”Este august o lună?” Why isn't that possible?


it should be possible. report it please.


I also put: ”Este august o lună?” and was marked wrong. Thank you for confirming that it should be accepted. I have reported it - hopefully it will get fixed. Have a lingot.


I also wrote "este august o lună" and it marked me wrong. Why???


I lived in Romania 20 years. You ask: este august o lunä? I say its corect


It is written 'ste' instead of 'este'. Is this done on purpose or is a typo?


Typo. "Ste" does not exist in Romanian.


Does any one have an answer? It looks like a statement. Not a question.


My answer is exactly correct este August o lunå


Why dont you correct correct . Este te August o luna


“Te” is the accusative of “tu” (you). What is it supposed to mean in this sencence?

Romanian, like French, also has “intonation questions” where the question is just marked by the intonation (and the question mark). So the fact that “este August o lunå?” is correct does not mean that “August este o lună?” is wrong.

We here in the learner discussion (your fellow learners) cannot make any changes in Duolingo courses. If you think that the proposed solution is wrong you can REPORT it as “my answer should not be accepted.”

I have, however, no idea whether currently an official contributor is assigned to the Romanian course.

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