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"The mouse walks through the refrigerator."

Translation:Șoarecele merge prin frigider.

November 23, 2016



Is it a rule to omit the indefinite article suffix from the noun when using a preposition? I.e. "prin frigider" implies 'through the fridge' even though frigiderul would usually be used to indicate 'the fridge'?


Correct, as in here, accusative case. Would you have used an adjective, let's say 'cold', you would have said ...prin frigiderul rece.


This example really clears it up for me!


Potestasity basically said: Nouns following Prepositions never have the definite article unless a.) the preposition is cu or b.) the noun is modified by an adjective.



Yes, but NOTA BENE everyone: For the noun to keep its definite article after a preposition, it doesn't have to be modified specifically by an adjective. It can be modified by any qualifying words, e.g. "in frigiderul meu" (in my fridge); "în frigiderul care a fost distrus" (in the fridge that was destroyed), "în frigiderul fără aer" (in the fridge without air), and so on.


I still can grasp the difference between PRIN and PRINTRE

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