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  5. "Eat less, think more"

"Eat less, think more"

Translation:Ăn ít hơn, nghĩ nhiều hơn

November 23, 2016



what about ăn ít nghĩ nhiều


That isn't exactly incorrect grammar if it was on its own outside of the exercise, but it's asking specifically for more/less not just a lot/a little and the point of this specific exercise is to practice "nhiều hơn" and "ít hơn" so I would assume that answer would not be accepted.


I thought 'nhiều' means 'much'. So, is it incorrect to use 'hơn' on it's own (with this example and any others similar to this). I mean, it is always used as 'nhiều hơn' to say 'more'.

update: The correct English translation for this exercise is "Eat little less, think much more", right?

Although, I think the expression "Eat less, think more" is more common in English.


"Nhiều" means "a lot/much" or "many", and "ít" means "a little/not much" or "few". "Hơn" on the other hand, is just a way of turning words into comparatives, so "nhiều hơn" means "more (than)" and "ít hơn" means "less (than)".


what's the difference between 'nhiêu' and 'nhiều'?


"Nhiêu" is used when asking "how much/many," e.g., "cái này bao nhiêu tiền?" "Bạn có bao nhiêu cây viết chì?"

"Nhiều" just means "many/much/a lot," e.g., "nhiều người đi bộ," "tôi ăn rất nhiều." "Nhiều loại" = many kinds (of something).

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