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"Ты так хорошо делаешь горячий шоколад!"

Translation:You make hot chocolate so well!

November 23, 2016



I think "You make such good hot chocolate" is a pretty reasonable translation. What do others think?

I do not think it makes sense to translate between languages word-for-word. The point is to preserve meaning.


That's what I put too, but I believe the issue is "хорошо" is an adverb describing the act of "making" the hot chocolate, as opposed to describing the hot chocolate itself.

The meanings of both sentences feel the same though.


I hadn't thought of that.


That's what I wrote and it was marked wrong


Polygab - I think you are absolutely right - nonsense to mark your (and my!) translation as wrong - just nuts!


Isn't it more common to call hot chocolate "какао"?

[deactivated user]

    готовить is commonly used with cooking, делать is assocciated with various other activities


    What is the difference between делать and готовить when preparing food?


    Делать is more colloquial. Also готовить is more universal, делать may sound a bit awkward in some situations.

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