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  5. "Das Dach ist alt!"

"Das Dach ist alt!"

Translation:The roof is old!

February 13, 2013



If anyone is interested, the word Dach (meaning roof in German) is the same word that is used in Ukrainian - Дах


The Ukrainian word is ultimately a borrowing from German ,,Dach" (possibly through Polish «dach» if not directly from German).


I am from polish and i confirm! XD


Das Dach. Das Dach. Das Dach ist auf Feuer.


That's what I was thinking!


when i heard 'Dach' i thought I heard 'Doch' which I then replied as 'That is too(so) old!' It's sometimes difficult to interpret the inflections of the Duo robot which can affect the meaning of the sentence.


I'm very bad with my grammatical terms so I apologize if I mess this up terribly, but is it because "das" is the normal article for neuter nouns (like Dach), we use "diese" instead?

So if it was "Das Frau ist alt," for example, it would mean "this/that woman is old," but if we want to use "this/that" for a neuter noun we say "Dieses Dach ist alt?"

Is this remotely correct or have I just confused myself further?

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Indeed, you worry to much. As a tip, I could suggest you ask Christian regarding your confusion - he is German.

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