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  5. "Ga i siarad ag ariannwr?"

"Ga i siarad ag ariannwr?"

Translation:May I speak to a cashier?

November 23, 2016



Are female cashiers ariannwragedd then? Or is the male term used for people of all genders?


-wr is generally used for men, or, as is very often the case, where the gender is irrelevant. Some occupations etc use the generic -ydd ending - this is grammatically masculine, regardless of the gender of the person.


Thanks. So do I understand this right, ariannwraig would sound somewhat artificial and I would only use it if I ever have to contrast with a male ariannwr? How about if the female cashier in question is standing right there in front of me (maybe because I have to complain to her boss or sth), would I still talk about yr ariannwr ‘ma? Or maybe I would in that case avoid using ariannwr altogether and use a politer term along the lines of “this lady”?

Sorry for being so pedantic, it’s just that in many cultures wrong gendering can be quite a serious insult and I would like to avoid inadvertently offending anybody ;)


I would stick with ariannwr, or maybe ariannydd. Very unlikely to cause any offence.

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