November 23, 2016

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arachide in French...


In French, we prefer to use "cacahuète" ;)


la cacahouete c'est celle qui est grillée,. l'arachide c'est la plante dans le sol.. el origen de la palabra es el idioma NAHUATL de los Aztecas de Mexico, :CACAHUATL, pero en castellano - por lo menos de America del Sur, se dice MANI. and then you have the peanut which is not roasted. it is called PISTACHE in French, pistacchio in Italiano, and pistacho en castellano but to say the truth I never hear anybody say pistacho here in South America where I live for over 28 years.


Hello. In Mexico "cacahuate" is both the plant and the roasted or not pods and kernels. "Pistache" here is another seed, a green one with a much harder outer husk, which opens in two relatively easy. In Nahuatl, "kakawatl" used to be the cocoa bean, origin of the word "cacao". The peanut, instead, was "tlalkakawatl", meaning "ground cocoa bean". In Spain they call it "cacahuete", and the green seed, "pistacho". The scientific name of the latter is "Pistacia vera", while the former is called "Arachis hypogaea". Sale, compadre, saludos desde México. ¡Maxipajtinemi!


Salve pablo : si me recuerdo bien CHOCOLATE deriva del nahuatl CHOCOLATL, como aguacate deriva de AGUACATL. En el cono SUR lo llaman PALTA, desde PERU hacia abajo. Es cierto que el pistacho es de una familia cercana al mani. Arriba Mexico lindo y querido, el primer pais Latino Americano donde puse pie. Fue el primero de septiembre del 1966. y desde entonces, hasta el 1991, lo visite cada ano 2 veces durante 3 semanas cada vez por negocios.Nuestros grandes clientes eran los Supermercados de los Ministerios, el Puerto de Liverpool y varias grandes joyerias en toda la República, incluido TIJUANA, MEXICALI, ENSENADA y LA PAZ en Baja California y la isla de COZUMEL donde mi cliente fue Gobernador del estado de Quintana Roo. .


Pensé ke tenías 28 años y eras sudamericano! Pues ké bueno ke te hayas kedado por estos rumbos americanos. Te envío un saludo amistoso a Perú, también lindo y kerido aunke no lo diga la canción. Hasta pronto!


Oh boy, as if I didn't already struggle with French! :P


"Arachide" = peanut in Italian.


At first I thought it's 'arakhnida' (arachnid) aka. spider.


I always thought peanut was alune. That's what my Romanian parents, aunts and uncle always called it anyway. Never even heard this word before today, and we definitely ate peanuts.


it's a fancy word for it, nobody says "hai sa mancam niste arahide", alune is always preferred

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    "Alună / alune" is the Romanian for "hazelnut ", which grows in Romania. When the first peanuts were imported (as this plant does not grow here) people referred to them as "alune de pământ" (Literally hazelnuts that grow in the ground). Nowadays people that do not know this still use the short form "alune" but this is wrong. The correct word is "arahidă/ arahide".


    Language is a living thing and the correct word is the one currently in use. Though you might see the word "arahida" in a store, few would actually use it in spoken Romanian. As a native, I've never heard anyone say: "hai sa mancam niste arahide," which was Bogdan's point. "Alune" is by far more common. As for "alune de pamint," few today know what it means. If we all used the word first employed (or suggested) when a new concept entered a culture then we would still say "nas-ştergău" instead of "batistă" (handkerchief) or "departe-vorbitor" instead of "telefon" (telephone). There's even, God help us, a good reason to use "departe-vorbitor" as it is a translation of the Greek word which is the root of "telephone." Besides, if we must be pedantic, then "alune de pădure" is the Romanian for "hazelnut."


    arašíd in czech :D


    Cacahuete in Spanish.


    Or cacahuate or maní, depending on the region.


    ‘Goober’ got rejected. Bah.


    I just asked a fellow romanian man he said the romanians do not use this word for peanut it is a completely different word used tehehe


    The Romanian man was right. See the discussion above.


    I put walnut cause I thought aluna was peanut


    Why groundnut is not correct?

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