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  5. "Aquella casa es grande."

"Aquella casa es grande."

Translation:That house is big.

February 13, 2013



Ok, i thought aquella was only used for personifications. So, what's the difference with esa in this case? Can esa be used?


Esta is "this house" Esa is "that" house and aquella is "that house (over there)"


I wrote "that house over there" and it marked me wrong...this gets a little frustrating b/c I think my prior knowledge of Spanish conflicts a bit with this program.


Thanks, hot dog! You don't only have a cute avatar, but also really helpful comments everywhere I go - have a lingot (and then I follow you).


It's a 3-tiered system for "the thing...here/not here but not too far away/ very far away"


I put that grande = large. Marked wrong. Very frustrating since the last time it was offered as an alternate translation. Grrr!


I put huge and it was marked wrong too


I was told today that the rollover-programming wouldn't allow for individual rollovers depending on the context. Hence this frustration and I think we should report it until Duolingo decides to change their software-structure to accustom more individual needs.


Good luck with that. ;) The hints are like a dictionary, and we need to select which 'hint' (if any) suits the current sentence. When we figure out what Duo wants (grande = large, not huge -- huge is enorme) there is less frustration.


fair enough - using common sense instead of relying on technical support


It's just a typo, all i do is just the "big" word got a typo so it becomes "bog" it's okay right?

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