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"Borgmesteren står og tager imod folkene."

Translation:The mayor is receiving the people.

November 23, 2016



Just in case you are wondering why it's not translated as "The mayor is standing and receiving the people", note that "står og..." as well as "sidder og..." are used a lot in informal Danish, even though they are quite superfluous. Examples:

"Sidder du bare der og feder den?" = "Are you just slacking off?"
"Han står og venter på bussen" = "He is waiting for the bus"
"Skal du sidde der og spille smart?" = "Do you have to be a smartass?"
"Hun står og fornærmer mine venner!" = "She is insulting my friends!"


What is that supposed to mean?!


He's welcoming them.


Ah okay. I was imagining someone handing people to him so he can recieve them :D Like recieving a letter. Was an English language problem.


You will see a "receiving line" when the host is important or influential, such as a head of state or royalty. This way everybody gets to meet the host party at least once.


Why is the word "imod" (against?) included here?

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