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"Filmen var inte alls lika dålig som du sa."

Translation:The movie was not at all as bad as you said.

November 23, 2016



I wrote -sade- though I heard -sa- and was surprised DL rejected it, even more surprised after reading the comments of the three moderators. If I hear -dom- I write -de-, so what is different here?


They're both generally accepted, but the "type what you hear" exercises have a bug which causes only one of them to work. Since sade is rapidly approaching formality if not obsoleteness, we use sa as the default.


Thanks for your trouble, devalanteriel!


But "sade" is the actually correct grammatical form and is not accepted.


Both forms are grammatically correct, and sade is accepted except for "type what you hear" exercises.


Sa and Sade, more accurate to say Sade??


Nobody says "sade", but in written Swedish both "sade" and "sa" are perfectly fine, even in formal contexts.


I disagree, I don't think sa would be generally accepted by an editor in most formal contexts. For less formal writing it's obviously perfectly fine, like you say.


I did a small corpus study, and the trend seems to be that literature uses sa more than sade whereas sade is more common in newspapers. In blogs sa is overwhelmingly more common. I tried doing a search for more formal texts like texts from administrative authorities, but the verb isn’t used much in those texts so it yielded few results.


  • Literature from 1999: 8199 sa vs. 3958 sade (2.07 sa on every sade)
  • Literature from 1981-2: 10190 sa vs. 2669 sade (3.08 sa on every sade)
  • Literature from 1976-77: 18822 sa vs. 11601 sade (1.62 sa on every sade)
  • Literature from 1830-1942: 2984 sa vs. 12164 sade (0.24 sa on every sade)
  • Finland-Swedish literature from 2000-2013: 2474 sa vs. 913 sade (2.70 sa on every sade)


  • Dagens Nyheter 1987: 1072 sa vs. 2054 sade (0.52 sa on every sade)
  • Göteborgsposten 1994: 4894 sa vs. 9838 sade (0.49 sa on every sade)
  • Göteborgsposten 2013: 4008 sa vs. 6139 sade (0.65 sa on every sade)
  • Webbnyheter 2010-13: 13507 sa vs. 82408 sade (0.16 sa on every sade)
  • Finland-Swedish newspapers 1998-2013: 3314 sa vs. 43661 sade (0.07 sa on every sade)


  • Bloggmix 1998-2013: 184194 sa vs. 16113 sade (11.43 sa on every sade)


Nice digging. :)

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