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Being "on track" not working properly.

I have been using duolingo for a couple of months, mostly on my iPod. I am really confused by the track function on the iPod.

Most of the time, coach will greet me by this nice encouragement: You are on track today! Wich would be nice, except it tells me that when I first open the app and haven't done anything. Do I get a reward for just opening the app? Do my points carry on from the previous day?

However, for the past week, it seemed to be more logical. I would get a message "You are x points from being on track", with follow up after each sessions. Fine.

So, yesterday, i did the required number of lessons until coach told me I was "On track". Then, later at night, I had a bit of time to spare, so I decide to strenghten some weak skills. I got the message that I needed 79 points to be on track! And sure enough, on the graph, it says I have 0 days on track.

It's frustrating when you succeed in doing your lessons everyday to be told that you are "0 days on track".

Add the fact that there is no link between being "on track" on the mobile and the streak on the web site and it gets even more confusing.

I think coach is playing mind games with me.

February 20, 2014



Wow, now I am 115 pts away from being on track. Very discouraging!


Well, I think I figure out the problem, Duolingo doesn't keep the progress I made. It keep bringing me to the second lesson out of ten. Today it happened while I was doing my lessons. Finished the eight, when I got to nine, it was locked. As well as the seventh, sixth, all the way to the second one. It seems like I can't Use duo lingo anymore since it always bring me back to the same lesson.

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