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Progressing in Danish

Hi everyone, I just got back from a project in Denmark (4 days) and I could really follow much more of the discussions than I expected (my contributions were in English, however). Reading is no problem at all anymore and I feel I am getting somewhat more comfortable with the language, which feels great! I did also have a few small conversations in stores and at the place I stayed. And the Danes are very helpful, too. If I don't know a word, they'll tell me or just complete or improve a sentence I am trying to say. I like it! I am sometimes looking for translations when people adress me unexpectedly, but I noticed that there are many sentences people say all the time: would you like a receipt, are you being served, is it a gift. My trick foro this at this stage I am in: all I have to do is be prepared for people to ask me these things and then just catch a few words and get what they ask in these standard situations. It is starting to work for me. I did not do my duolingo homework for a few days, because I felt I had enough practice for a few days. Now I am catching up with my DUO (lost strength on quite a few bars), but I feel that even that is getting a little better. Wow, look where half a year of practice got me. Thanx DUO.

November 23, 2016



At lære sproget ved hjælp af Duolingo er en stor hjælp, men det er også rigtigt godt at blive udsat for sproget i den virkelige verden (særligt det talte sprog). Når man har talt med en dansker i virkeligheden, er det måske endda nemmere at løse Duos opgaver =)


Ja, jeg forstå dansk en smule bedre nu. Det er så fit!!!


It's great to hear motivational stories like yours, thank you!


well, I am learning Danish so I can go to Denmark one day. My grandfather is Danish, but banned the language from the house, because it sounds like German and it wasn't long after WWII. My Father doesn't know Danish because of this and I am trying to get him an account. Could anyone back me up on this so I can convince him?


Wrt the Germans: my family suffered from WWII big time, but we live in current times. I should not hold my family's grudges and burdens. I have to move on, eventhough I acknowledge what happened. I have done a project in Germany a few years ago and loved it. It is not up to my generation to judge what happened and certainly not to punish the current generation of Germans. They are plain nice people and good to work with in my opinion. This is not the same as forgetting what happened in the past, by the way. But finding new ways to come to peace with history leaves no wounds for future generations and enables us to progress as people. So, that being said, I don't think Danish sounds like German. It is much softer. And how can Danes help being at war in the past with the Germans in the past? Wouldn't it be great for your family to know your Danish roots? And language would be one of them to start with. I was not allowed to speak my regional language when I grew up, which I really regret. I can never fully learn to speak it anymore, but I do understand it perfectly. I remember moving back to where I came from and finally saying a few words and people would understand me. It was a very profound feeling of belonging. I think everyone deserves this feeling. Does this help? Good luck! btw: it seems to me that the Danes are very much in touch with their historic background. Is that true? If so, all the more reason to get your dad an account!


Oui ! Duo is cool! And welcome back

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