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I am english but the DUOLINGO thinks I am French

I am english but the DUOLINGO thinks I am French. Help me change my mother tongue to English so I can learn spanish

November 23, 2016

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You just have to click on the round flag next to your user name at the top of the page, and then the link at the bottom of the menu, and you can choose whichever course you want. If you choose one for English speakers, you'll get the website in English.


Don't know if a direct link works, but that would save me additional explanations "https://www.duolingo.com/course/es/en/Apprends-l'espagnol-en-ligne" then click on "Passer au cours"


Thank you for this solution, the best I could see. It seems you can build your own solution for every (valide) configuration, for instance French from Arabe would be: - https://www.duolingo.com/course/fr/ar


Go to your name, hover over it, click the third option, then click the second option again on the right, then scroll down until you get to "I want to learn Spanish (I speak English)."


download duolingo in english


It would not help. As soon as you register to your account it would load your current setting and convert to French. There is no English Duolingo, the application is multi-lingual. French people download the same apk from Android play store, and I gess it's the same for iPhone.

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