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  5. "I eat grilled fish."


"I eat grilled fish."

February 13, 2013



It would be nice to translate grilled like "arrosto", not like "cossi col grill", if it wants a certain respone, then it should give it, we are learning, not guessing... ¬¬


It's odd to me how the "il" and "la" can be selectively dropped by the program - or listed as equivalent - but then listed as wrong in other places.


Are there any native Italian speakers who can answer this question? In other places in this program, it accepts NO article when referring to an item in general. Here "I eat grilled fish", means that in general, it is something I will eat- not that I am eating these specific fish now. Therefore, I thought I could translate the sentence either way- either with OR without the article. Therefore I went with "Mangio pesce arrosto". The program said this was wrong and that it should have been " il pesce" If that's the answer they specifically wanted , shouldn't the English have been "I am eathing the grilled fish", indicating that currently, at this very moment , I am engaged in eating THIS particular fish? Thanks in advance! :) (and suddenly, I'm feeling like raiding the fridge for a roast fish- or THE roast fish- or perhaps some nice "chocolate cream" or "ice" (whatever those items are meant to be in Italy! :)


Is pesce singular or plural in this context?


I think it's singular, its plural form is "pesci".. but I'm just learning italian through this site, so it might not be true.


I think you're right, but if it were singular, shouldn't the English be "I eat a fish?" I think they made a mistake and your interpretation is the correct answer to their erroneous question.


If you say "I eat fish", it would mean that generally (usually) I eat that kind of food. If it was "I eat a fish", it would refer to that certain activity.


Makes sense. Thanks.


God, they really need to explain first before asking something. Preposition ''alla'' without properly explication is really difficult.

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