"Femeile sunt la fel de deștepte ca bărbații."

Translation:Women are as smart as men.

November 23, 2016

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"Women are as smart as men." I didn't get it about the "just" word.


why the "the" cant come before men and women in this sentence?


This sentence was probably meant as a generic statement. Not some specific men and women, but in general. In English that means the no article should be used (if it was about some specific men and women, then the definite article would be used), but in Romanian the definite article is used either way. Even so, given such a sentence with no context, it would be natural to treat it as a generic statement.


Then what is the purpose for using the definite article in Romanian here?


The same purpose as not using the definite article in English.
That's how you generalize over a concept in Romanian. I'm not sure how it would sound without definite article but in Hungarian it would sound like "some random women not even worth referring to, are as smart as some random men".
"women in general" is a very definite concept to me hence I use definite article. Romanian might be similar in this regard.


Romanian here, if it didn't have the definite article, it would be completely grammatically wrong. The contexts in which a definite article is or is not used differs a lot among languages, you just need to get used to it.


What does it mean by "fel de detente" It is "as smart as"?


"la fel de (adj.)" means "as (adj.) as Example: "la fel de curat ca el" means "as clean as him"


Can you then also say: ca curat la fel de el?


Nope, you can't change the order.

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