"Ich würde das gerne wissen."

Translation:I would like to know that.

February 20, 2014

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In sentences like this, would it be correct to place "gerne" next to "würde"? If so, which way would be more usual?

"Ich würde das gerne wissen." or "Ich würde gerne das wissen."


The first sentence sounds better in any case.
Source: I live in Germany and speak with Germans. :)


I'm a native speaker and I would not say “ich würde gerne das wissen“. If you want to place “gerne“ after “würde“ you have to say what you want to know. Like “I want to know that here, in this book“ (ich würde gerne das hier wissen, in diesem Buch).


It would be correct to say "gerne würde ich das wissen", but this word order suggests that it is impossible to know, the next word would have to be "aber".


"Ich würde gerne das wissen", wenn dir jemand verschiedenes Wissen anbietet und du eines auswählen sollst, kommt nicht oft vor


pronouns and articles come straight after the verb.


Here "gerne" is an adverb that points to the main verb of the sentence, "wissen", and it should be grouped accordingly. The correct order for constructions like this is auxiliary verb ("würde") - object(s) ("das") - adverb(s)/adverbial(s) ("gerne") - main verb ("wissen").

However, it should be noted that a transposition for specific emphasis is possible: "Ich würde gerne GENAU DAS wissen."


When do we use "gern" or "gerne" ??


Both can be used interchangeably. Despite the different written form, they mean the same. I don't know what is the historical reason for that though.


Ok, thanks! that makes things easier!


Could it be "I would gladly know that"?


My thoughts exactly but DL marks it as wrong


That's because you'd have to say "I would gladly like to know that".


No, in English 'would' implies desire/will, so 'I would gladly know that' is fine, if quite a formal register or outdated. Similarly, to avoid the tautology of 'I would like ...', I wrote 'I should like to know that'. DL marked it wrong. I know my English is formal, but it's definitely correct :-)


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That i would like to know


Also worth noting is that, while perfectly acceptable colloquially, more formally the sentence should actually be "Ich wüsste das gerne", using the subjunctive form Konjunctiv II, derived from the simple past form of the verb – "ich wusste" → "ich wüsste".


i didn't capitalize the "I" i got counted wrong

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