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  5. "Chúng tôi ăn Tết."

"Chúng tôi ăn Tết."

Translation:We celebrate Tet.

November 23, 2016



From Chinese 節 ‘time period, season; festival’ among other things. (The main meaning is one of division into segments.)

  • Mandarin: jié
  • Cantonese: jit
  • Sixian Hakka: chiet
  • Literary Hokkien: chiat

More specifically, this refers to the Vietnamese New Year. I guess it’s kinda like how people say ‘Rosh haShana’ instead of ‘Jewish New Year’, which I’ve always found weird…


We eat Tet :"")))


You guys should listen to this V-pop song called "Về nhà ăn Tết" (Going home and celebrate Tet): https://youtu.be/7fcbkTdgRJk


This is not a good example for translation because they say "[One/We] eat(s) Tet" because of the copious amounts of food that must be prepared to properly celebrate it over numerous days. An does not usually mean celebrate... not a good choice for a translation exercise.


That seems like exactly the reason why this would be a good exercise; it teaches you about multiple meanings of the word.

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