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  5. "Chúng tôi đọc truyện Kiều."

"Chúng tôi đọc truyện Kiều."

Translation:We read the tale of Kieu.

November 23, 2016



Aw man! I read about this in high school when I learned what a lục bát is, through a random wiki walk. Almost immediately I set out to write one of those in Hebrew, and I’m probably the first person to have ever done so, hah.

Anyway, the term ‘lục bát’ comes from Chinese 六八 (lit. ‘six-eight’):

  • Mandarin: liùbā
  • Cantonese: luhkbaat
  • Sixian Hakka: liukpat
  • Literary Hokkien: lio̍kpat

As for The Tale of Kiều, that’s 傳翹 (Kiều’s name literally means ‘raise, elevate’ or ‘expose’):

  • Mandarin: chuán
  • Cantonese: chyùhn
  • Sixian Hakka: chhòn
  • Literary Hokkien: thoân

  • Mandarin: qiáo, qiào
  • Cantonese: kìuh, giuh
  • Sixian Hakka: khieu, ngieu
  • Hokkien: khiàu


Lớp học này mất nhiều thời gian vì nó rất hay!!


"We read the story of Kieu." Should be accepted.


i've been reading the tale of kieu (a bilingual edition) it's beautiful <3

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