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  5. "I am a woman, not a man."

"I am a woman, not a man."

Translation:Eu sunt femeie, nu bărbat.

November 24, 2016



Shouldn't this count? Eu sunt o femeie, eu nu sunt un barbat


I always try to stick to accurate translations. You're statement would translate to "I am a woman, I am not a man." Although it might mean the same thing as the sentence presented, it is clearly different.... like synonyms...


I have the same problem,I wanted to write a grammatically perfect sentence and I did but it wasn't count :(


The translation (Eu sunt femeie, nu bărbat) isgrammatically correct.


Would "un om" work instead of "un bărbat"?


It should work. You have tried ?


I haven't tried yet...


What is the difference between "un"\"una" and "o"?


Un/o are articles ("a", "an"), unu/una are numbers ("one"). Un/unu are masculine and o/una are feminine.


"Un" can be an article( Un băiat se plimbă pe stradă.- A boy walks on the street.) or a numeral (Eu am un caiet și două cărţi.- I have got one notebook and two books.) "Una" can be just an article and just for female kind( Una dintre fete pleacă.- One of girl go.) "O" can be an article(O fată vine.- A girl is coming) or a numeral(Plătesc o carte și un caiet.- I pay a book and a notebook.).


Why not o femeie ? And eu sunt femeie ?


"Sunt o femeie, nu un bărbat" was accepted. Is it too weird to Romanian natives?


It is not weird at all! It is perfectly actually :)


I put in the articles 'o' and 'un'. 1. I do not understand why putting them is wrong. 2. How would we know whether to use them or not when the 'Tips & Notes' for this topic do not tell us that?


You usually use the indefinite article when the noun has a modifier. Eu sunt o femeie deșteaptă - I am a smart woman. Eu sunt un bărbat viteaz - I am a brave man, etc. So, when there aren't any modifiers you can skip the indefinite article. Eu sunt inginer - I am an engineer; Eu sunt prost - I am stupid.


Is the indefinite article optional or must it be omitted when the noun is modified by nothing but the indefinite article? I have just completed a lesson where the verb a fi was used and the following nouns had no other modifiers, e.g. Eu sunt un barbat. This suggests to me that the omission of the indefinite article is optional. Therefore, when this sentence was translated by me into Romanian the articles I put in should have been accepted as a correct answer.


You are correct, that's why I said usually :)


If I am correct then why did I get marked as wrong?


Eu sunt o femeie.... O , un


Daca vrei să raportezi o traducere care nu a fost acceptată, folosește butonul Raportează (stegulețul) de lângă propoziție, nu forumul. Sunt sigură că varianta cu substantivele articulate este deja acceptată.


Eu sunt o femeie, nu un bărbat. Should certainly be accepted. It is the exact, correct and not idiomatic shortened translation. Om was not accepted for man and should have been.


Daca vrei să raportezi o traducere care nu a fost acceptată, folosește butonul Raportează (stegulețul) de lângă propoziție, nu forumul. Cuvântul om nu poate fi acceptat în acest context, deoarece rezultă o propoziție ofensatoare la adresa unei categorii de persoane.

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