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  5. "Do you have honey and sugar?"

"Do you have honey and sugar?"

Translation:Voi aveți miere și zahăr?

November 24, 2016



why is tu ai not admissible here?


It should be. Report it.


No, tu is one person like you, but voi is multiple like they


I think I had keyed in ai tu -- apparently words are OK but the subject/verb inversion is something not done in Romanian?


I did the same, because on another excercise this was the correct solution for a question.. I'm a bit confused now, why "ai tu" should not be correct :(


I think it should be ...


Tu is one person, like 'you', but voi is 'they'. Do not report.


Yeah, but they don't specify that they are talking about multiple people. Talking to a group in English is terrible because we don't have anything that's the equilivant of "voi." The best we have is "y'all"

And voi isn't they, ei and ele are they.

So, when the problem doesn't specify that there are multiple people, people fairly assume that they are talking about a singular person, and use tu ai rather than voi aveți. It's a problem with the English language, but I think this problem should be accepted as either tu ai OR voi aveți.


The way I say it is "Aveti mierea si zaharul?" Romanian is my first language.


I kind of grew up bilingual... It's weird. I learned both english and romanian and I thought they were the same langauge until I went to school. Then I forgot some romanian so thats why I'm taking this course.


The Spanish equivalent to miere, "miel" is also used to say syrup. Is this also the case in Romanian?


It depends. We have in spanish: miel (honey), sirope (syrup) and jarabe (syrup). We use them depending on what we are talking about.


No, Romanian has "sirop" for "syrup".


ai miere sau zahar............mi-l refuza? de ce????

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