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  5. "Ποιο είναι το σύνθημα;"

"Ποιο είναι το σύνθημα;"

Translation:What is the cue?

November 24, 2016



Είνα σύνθμα = σύν με θυμα?


Nothing to do with sacrificing (Ancient Greek θύω) or victims (θύμα -- literally, "that has been sacrificed" -- German has the same douple meaning in "Opfer" which is both "victim" and "sacrifice").

It's related to θέτω "to put", I believe, which was τίθημι in Ancient Greek and has a stem of θη- (among others including θε-) -- so a σύνθημα is literally something "put together".

σύνθεση is also from that stem: "a putting-together". It refers to the act rather than the result.


What is the password? That would make more sense


Is there a fire? I wasn't given any time whatsoever to answer?

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