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unpleasant comment?

I received a comment from a member who was upset that I'd been correcting his/her translations. This person felt harassed because I had corrected several of their sentences. Maybe I'm too picky? (not all their sentences needed correcting, one seemed excellent and I gave that feed back, too ). The note was angry in tone and took me by surprise. I thought the point of doing the translations is 1) to receive feed back so we can improve our skills and 2) to translate the web as accurately as possible so it can be available in more languages. I immediately wrote back with an apology and promised that I would no longer comment on their work.

I guess I have two questions: 1) has anyone else gotten this kind of response for making corrections? 2) Is there a place on this site to "ignore" another member? The experience was unpleasant and I would rather not receive any more 'comments' from this person.

June 18, 2012



you may want to suggest an ignore/block feature for the developers


@vkd1 But unless they have an avatar set and you remember it, you don't know who you are editing.

Personally, I am delighted to get corrections, even if I decide to stick to my own version. They prompt me to think harder about what I am doing.

@Tiann - it's their problem, not yours. Either ignore them, or write back once and say "only trying to help, I'm not picking on you." or some such. If they persist in a negative vein then ignore and/or report them.


@ClassicBookworm Don't judge a book by its cover... Somebody may not have followers, but they can be very proficient and helpful at a moment's notice... It can mean that they have not contributed before (just focused on the program of DuoLingo) or that they are a very good listener... That's all.. Doesn't mean a thing usually...


I'm the exact same way you are... I have never received a complaint, even though I use tons of sarcasm (not implying you use sarcasm though)... Never my intent to hurt feelings though.. As long as they are not harassing you, I'd let it slip..


Yeah I don't like the fact it shows the name of the person who edited or commented on your sentence, not that I would be bothered but I know a lot of people tend to take things personally and will get angry. It should be anonymous.


How do I contact the developers? Do you know?


There is a Feedback button on every page on the left side of the screen.


Hey Loki, it'd be interesting to explore that idea. But doesn't it keep people more accountable if they know their name is on their edits? Won't they be more likely to stay in integrity? Unless there were moderators keeping it on track. I like the idea of being able to report mean behavior and ignoring trolls or ppl who are flaming.


@Tiann, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just keep suggesting edits. Some people will be happy and accept them, others will just hit the reject button. I've done both when people have edited me. Maybe just don't edit one person too many times - leave their sentences to others to follow up.


That's really bizarre. I see that the person involved has no avatar, followers or followees. I don't bother much with users who don't have avatars or connections. They do not seem to contribute much to the Duolingo community. I'll rate their translations but won't waste my time on corrections. I would just ignore them. Someone that touchy probably won't last long here.


@mikeydee I certainly don't make blanket judgments, but after 6 months here it just seems that people who bother to upload an avatar and follow others tend to make more of a contribution here. That's not to say there aren't plenty of people who have avatars and follow lots of people and still disappear after a few weeks. Most of the people I followed early on quit without getting very far. I prefer to interact with the most engaged and enthusiastic learners here.


I correct like crazy - if people aren't going to commit to doing the translation accurately, just don't do it!


I think feedback is a natural process, but maybe duolingo doesn't explain that well enough to users? If you are interested, a site called Fixoodle lets you practice with other users and focuses more on language production than language reception (I think Duolingo focuses on understanding but not really producing). Could probably be a good adjunct to Duolingo for a balanced learning approach. Anyhow, I wouldn't take it personally, nor do I think you should stop because of this one bad experience.


@duolingojay Thanks for the tip about Fixoodle. Looks like a cool site.


@duolingojay Thanks for the site tip. I've bookmarked it so I can join when I'm ready to include another dimension to my study. And thank you for the vote of confidence. Mostly, I've just let it go. I can avoid editing that person easily enough, and don't mind honoring their wish (no skin off my nose). I like editing and being edited. It enhances my learning and keeps me humble.

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