"Castravetele este în salată."

Translation:The cucumber is in the salad.

November 24, 2016

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why is there no article necessary for 'salată' in this sentence?


When using nouns with certain verbs you simply do not use an article. It is the case for motion verbs (a merge, a se duce, a veni) and for the verb „a fi”. Examples:

Du-te la mașină și ia plasele. - Go to the car and take the bags.

Eu vin de la poștă. - I am coming from the post office.

Sunt la universitate. - I am at university.

There might be exceptions, but I was unable to find any, it seems to be a pretty consistent rule.


I believe it's because the noun is placed after a preposition. All nouns coming after a preposition are not articulated. The only exception, I think, is with the preposition "cu", or if the noun has to be articulated, like for the possessive.

Te-am văzut la televizor - I saw you on the TV. (Televizor comes after the preposition "la", and should not be articulated) Merg cu cartea - I walk with the book. (Cartea comes after cu, the only(?) preposition after which you should articulate the noun) Sunt în casa mea - I am in my house (Casa comes after în, but is articulated for the possessive)


I think we learn this in school, but I don't remember the rules anymore. :) ”Cu” seems to be one preposition requiring a noun with article. There are also the (slightly less used) prepositions/prepositional locutions with accusative/genitive/dative din cauza/în spatele/mulțumită, where one has to use an article: din cauza unui băiat/din cauza băiatului - because of a boy/because of the boy.



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