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Will there be badges for total days active, lost streaks, and completed trees?

Bonus question from the series Ask us about Duolingo, Round 2!

Thanks CodyORB!


Are there any plans to add a "Total Active Days" badge, or include their highest lost streak next to their current one? Even though I lost my 178-day streak yet I'm very sure I've been active for at least 400 days, and no one can acknowledge that unless if I tell them. Also, what about an indicator on a flag that stands for a completed tree? Just a suggestion.


YES! We're constantly working on making Duolingo a more rewarding and entertaining experience to help our learners stay committed, learn more, and have fun. Awarding badges is something we've discussed quite a bit recently. You’ll be happy to know that we are actively working on designs and all three of your ideas are on our list!

We absolutely think total days active, longest streak, and completed trees are worthy of recognition and celebration. Whether you see indicators in the next few months is all up to whether these badges end up encouraging learners or not. As usual, we'll be over here testing!

Thanks for your suggestion!

November 24, 2016



Also give us an option to not sign up to badges, please, even if they do get released to everyone.

I like my profile uncluttered. :)


Maybe a "select which badges to display" button in Settings?


As someone who's been here a very long time - since the beta days, I'd love to see this. I lose long streaks regularly due to travel where the internet is not reliable. Losing my streak used to put me off wanting to come back. I've gotten over that feeling, but having a "member since" date and/or a "longest streak" number might help others want to stay.


I would also propose to add, specially if forums are to be given a boost, our native/already known languages icons next to the current learning ones (without the level number, that is). This way it would be easier to spot the native speakers' comments of the target languages.


A great idea! But first there should be an option to add into our profiles what's one's native language on a side of the language that we are learning from. That's because for many of us these two are not the same thing. For example, I'm Bulgarian, but I study French from English...


Something to look forward to, how nice! :)


A big thank you to Jairepetyan, who got staff talking and the wheels spinning on the badges A/B test https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11966489 ^_^


Ah thanks Usagiboy! I never knew this. And I am reading it one year later, lol.



Staff regularly reads through the forums and jots down suggestions. The list is long, and the a/b tests many. So, it can be an exceedingly long time between an idea getting jotted down and the idea showing up as a feature. I'm glad though that you get to know your suggestion from that post played a part in the badges feature. :)


Thank you so much for your answer :D


I looove the "total days active" idea!!! The streak has become an issue for our family. My 9 year old daughter has a streak of over 1,000 days. We haven't gone on vacation in a long time, but are planning one next year. However, my daughter doesn't want to go on a holiday or go camping where there's no internet access, because she doesn't want to lose her streak that she's worked so very hard for... understandable, but not great in terms of life balance! I'm sure she'd be very happy to have a total days active streak, though.


Oh, i hope this encourages people. I think showing completed trees and longest streaks etc would be a really nice addition.

Besides anything else, regarding the completed trees thing, I always feel like my German level is wildly misleading, and people have this unfortunate tendency to assume that level = ability in a given language. Really not always the case. Obviously, having got through a tree =/= proficiency, but between that and XP amassed, it would be a little easier to make some kind of judgement.


It would also be nice to have a badge for obtaining a full golden tree from some language :)


I love all three of these ideas and I definitely hope that Duolingo will implement them! I think they would be both fun and motivational.


Thank you so much for listening to our suggestions! I would definitely appreciate this option, as I will be sad once my streak disappears (not that I'm planning on it!).


It was actually Jairapetyan who came up with this. Give her credit too ;)


Thank you CodyORB! I am reading this post one year later (due to having learned how to search the forums better). Nice of you to remember my posts.


How about a badge for most XP in a day.


Somewhat related, but I'd love to see more things in the Lingot store! Not sure what could be added that wouln't require much work, but maybe different owls that one could collect just to have something to spend the lingots on as one accumulates them (maybe a french owl, a russian owl, etc.. or a blue owl, orange owl, etc.)? Of course, more quizzes for languages, more bonus lessons, and more would be great, especially in the incubator languages.


It's just a small thing, but I would like to see some kind of designation on the streak count indicating whether or not the user had used a streak freeze to reach that number.

Perhaps an * next to your streak to indicate that you had reached that many days without using any streak freezes. As soon as you use a streak freeze the * would be removed.

e.g. 300* would mean the user had completed 300 days without using any streak freezes and 300 would mean the user had used one or more streak freezes to reach that number of days.


I'm not certain, but I think the streak only counts days actually studied. A streak freeze means the streak isn't broken, but the number doesn't go up. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that's how it works.


I would love this so much. This would give me a goal to reach that's closer than the end of the tree.


I've completed every item on the tree but can't get the 'checkpoint passed' to light up. Help anyone? Carle


I agree to all three suggestions but would mostly love to see recognition of a lost streak. Great to see these improvements being fully considered.


"Note: Lingots are not awarded when you use a tree shortcut to level up or finish a skill."- From the bottom of the Lingot store page. What exactly is a tree shortcut and how do you use it?


Those are awesome ideas. I'm totally sure those indicators will encourage us to keep learning, since competition and rewarding always make us work harder.


After learning on Duo for three years (on and off), I wonder about these things constantly. These badges would be a great idea! Please get them soon.


I've had them for over a week. I can't see where they are on the website but they're in the Android app


I can see the Duolingo achievements on my app but where do they show on the web version? They look pretty.

Can I get the 10% one if I'm doing one of the fan-made languages which doesn't normally show the percentage?

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