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Some features that i think Duolingo must add

I think it would be a good idea if Duolingo add the feature that you can mark some questions as your favorite or add them to a repeat list for yourself.

for second suggestion I think music helps a lot. If native speakers suggest some easy songs at the end of every level it would help learners to learn and use their ability to improve in new language.

what do you think??

November 24, 2016


[deactivated user]

    I won't say the first is a bad idea. However, it is unlikely to ever be implemented. The idea is to learn and you won't learn as much repeating a sentence that you like and therefore already know. However, I would suggest writing down sentences you like and their corresponding translations. I find that the act of using motor muscles to write activates different sections of the brain, thus increasing the possibility of learning.

    Adding songs or having users add content to a lesson... well that could actually backfire. A million users through a lesson would leave an overwhelmingly high number of songs to listen to. Or they might leave the same song with multiple lessons. Kinda the same thing that happens if you search for music in YouTube. Which is a better place for it anyways. If you want users to suggest songs they like in x language, just make a thread here in the forum, or search for other threads. With that said, I constantly listen to foreign music when I'm driving. Music really helps because it's a form of memorization without the tediousness of study, because it's enjoyable.

    Anyways, just my thoughts and why on the subject at hand.


    In one language blog the suggestion was that each flashcard word includes not one but several sentences.


    Yeah good idea maybe but i think duo is great as it is. Maybe you could make your own website with these bonuses???


    Yes it's a good idea!!! But don't you think it could create problems. Music really has too many threads.


    Even if DuoLingo would add that feature (one):

    The review flashcard app does not train 1-2 bar strength words from the words list as you might expect:

    Also the whole DuoLingo "auto-add word" code from skill practice/lesson to learned words list seems not 100% to be working.


    I find very good your first suggestion! Through repetition, we can learn much easier, so if someone can't remember a specific word and reads the same sentence many times, it is more likely for him to remember it. Also, it's really easier for someone to remember a word, when it is in a sentence rather than alone, because we tend to remember the context. Anyway, since duolingo isn't flexible, I would suggest that you write them down. At least this is what I do for the sentences I like! As for the music, I believe that no matter what level has someone in a language, he shouldn't stick necessarily to easy songs. If you choose to make playlists with songs that you like, no matter the level, it is more likely that you'll learn the words of the songs and you'll come in contact with new verb tenses, which again is useful!


    I think the tricky thing with officially adding music (Along with other issues already brought up) is that it is so subjective. Everyone has many different tastes - I particularly enjoy rock and classical music, but it wouldn't feel useful or enjoyable if I was made to learn via a rap, country or RnB song! I'm sure others would find similar sentiment based on their own types of likes and dislikes.

    But in retrospect, since music is such a great way to learn a language, I get where you are coming from.

    The first concept is somewhat unnecessary, as one could easily just repeat an existing lesson or the fact that Duo does do a lot of repeat sentences as is. Writing it down on your own accord is a great option.

    Anyhoo, no harm in thinking up new ideas in any case.

    [deactivated user]

      The problem I have is that stuff I'm already good at gets repeated a lot and what I need to practice rarely comes up, that's why I added memrise on top of my study material so I can ignore what I know and work on my weaknessess as well as more vocabulary because there are many basic words that should be thought just aren't in the language course here

      and I agree with the music, it's a good way to help with immersion of the language and opens up whole new songs, but for that sites like youtube are your best friend and it doesn't has to be music for adults (in all honesty I listen to itsy bitsy spider and twinkle twinkle little star in Lakota)


      Duolingo will probably try to keep things simple and go for the most used features.

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