"Nouă femei sunt la masă."

Translation:Nine women are at the table.

November 24, 2016

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There are nine women at the table. is more idiomatic English.


that's what I said and it was wrong !


Or the program is wrong. In fairness, the use of There BE __ in English is tricky but indefinite Noun Phrases are generally introduced into a conversation with it.


Could you elaborate on this, please ?


Briefly: an indefinite Noun Phrase is normally introduced into an English conversation or "text" with the There Be __ construction. So....

  1. There are nine women at the table. versus
  2. ? / * Nine women are at the table.

The ? indicates a sentence that is at best odd; the star (*) indicates a sentence that is ungrammatical. As a second pair of examples,

  1. There's a fly in my soup. 4 ?? / * A fly is in my soup.

French with "Il y a...", Spanish with "Hay...", German with "Es gibt...." and Russian with "Yest....." have somewhat similar constructions for introducing indefinite Noun Phrases. I don't think Rumanian has a similar such device, but how about it, native speakers? Is the following grammatical as a declarative sentence?

1R-?. Sint noua femei la masa. (can't get the diacritics in)


Thanks. It is exactly as you say for French and the other languages you mention, 3 of which I consider as my mother'tongues ) French'- Spanish and German.. Italian is : C'e and Ci sono.....

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