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  5. "Animalul vostru e gras."

"Animalul vostru e gras."

Translation:Your animal is fat.

November 24, 2016



why is the definite article used here?


In Romanian, you always use the definite article with possessive pronouns.
There is a way around it, but it isn't common in speech, it sounds more "poetic":
Al vostru animal e gras.


al meaning: of (your)? like 's


Kind of. My knowledge of grammar fails me here; it is the same form as in this example:
The animal is yours. - Animalul e al vostru.
But I am pretty sure it serves a different function.


It isn't actually a pronoun ! It's an possesive adjective ! The possesive pronoun is: acest, această, acești, aceste etc. In current speech we use the possesive adjective, not the possesive pronoun ! This is also common in Greek and Bulgarian ;)


The animal of yours


In a number of languages Mere possession makes the item that is possessed definite and is reflected by using the. Languages as different as Italian Norwegian and Hebrew do this. Oddly some of the romance languages do this (Romanian Italian Catalan) and others do not (Spanish Portuguese French). For those of us not used to tacking the definite article onto the end of the word it looks rather strange in Romanian. Short answer: if something is possessed it is no longer a something it is the something.


Vostru and tu is the same?


"Vostru" means "your"/ "yours" and it is used for plural. Depending of the sentence, it can be both possessive pronoun (al vostru) or possessive adjective. "Tu" means "you". It is always used for singular, it is personal pronoun. "Voi" means "you" for plural, personal pronoun. "Tău" means "your"/ "yours", is for singular and it can be both possessive pronoun (al tău) or possessive adjective, depending of the sentence.

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