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  5. "Tosóidh an clár ag a hocht."

"Tosóidh an clár ag a hocht."

Translation:The show will start at eight.

November 24, 2016



English accepts the present tense in this type of sentence


Yes, it does, and it should be accepted to help stress that in Irish you don't use the present tense for things like that.


Cuirfear tús ar an gclár... is a better construction according to Antain Mac Lochlainn, Cuir Gaeilge Air (the notes ar the end on common mistakes)


Clár is performance in some exercises, but not this one, and that verb is all over the place with different accepted meanings. “The performance will begin at 8,” therefore, is incorrect for this exercise.

Any reason it should be?


clár is a board. People used to write lists on boards, so clar came to be associated with such lists - a food menu is a biachlár, and a list of choices, like a computer menu, is a roghchlár. Before radio and television, people would go to the theatre for entertainment, and the list of entertainers was called "a programme" in English, and a clár in Irish. "On the programme tonight, we have X and Y and Z". This took on the modern meaning of "a show", so that, instead of a "TV programme" being a list of the available entertainment tonight, it now means a single "capsule" of entertainment - clár teilifíse.

"performance" doesn't really fit into that - the whole point of the the clár was that it was a list of the different performances that would be performed - while "a show" can be substituted for "a programme" or "a performance", I'm not sure if "a programme" can be substituted for "a performance".

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