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  5. "Ceapa sa este iute."

"Ceapa sa este iute."

Translation:Her onion is hot.

November 24, 2016



when does sa mean his and when does it mean her


You can't tell whether it's "his" or "her", because it means both. Usually we would use „lui” or „ei” in order to differentiate between the two.


... and he is going to use it! (see the Spanish course) :D


I am aware that sentences are sometimes made to show specific aspects of a language. However, I can not imagine ever saying, "Her onion is hot." "That onion," makes more sense as the sentence is about an onion. "Her dress is pretty," is, perhaps, a better illustration of the possessive.

My question, if I really have one, is just that. Am I learning Romanian with an awkward phrasing, or is this really no issue?


Who is she? Your mother? Your mother's onion!


if you can't tell whether "sa" means "his" or "her" then it should translate as "their" (singular) REPORTED

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