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"Eu port pantaloni, o cămașă și pantofi."

Translation:I wear pants, a shirt, and shoes.

November 24, 2016



in some locales pants means underwear


You are right, I found the following sentence: ”Under her skirt she wore lace pants”.


Yes, I wear pants (ie underpants) under my trousers. I am assuming pantaloni means trousers, being related to pantaloons.


In English pants always means underwear. We would say trousers. I've come to realise this course is written in American so I am trying to get used to it!


Why isn't there a comma after cămașă? Is there an actual reason or is it just a typo?


In many languages a comma is not used before the final item in a list. Nor is this comma, known variously as the "serial comma", "the Harvard comma" or the Oxford comma" obligatory in all forms of English, and the way I was taught (BrE) was not to use it unless its absence might cause ambiguity.


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