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"Ο αριστερός χυμός είναι δικός μου."

Translation:The juice on the left is mine.

November 24, 2016



What does "the left juice" mean? Is it okay to say it in Greek and mean "the juice on the left"? Because i am pretty sure "the left juice" is wrong to say in English.


Yes, I am sorry. This sentence is a bit awkward, and "the left juice" is some really awkward English. But in Greek, it's not too uncommon to say "Ο αριστερός...." instead of "Ο... στα αριστερά". We will probably not keep this sentence int he new tree though.


I was marked wrong for 'the left hand juice is mine' but this means exactly the same as 'the juice on the left is mine'


Could you say: "Ο χυμός στα αριστερά είναι δικός μου"?

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