Polish Noun Genders

Is there a resource available that has a comprehensive list of nouns with irregular genders, i.e. nouns with a gender in contradiction to the normal patterns in noun endings?

Or, if possible, can someone please supply a list of nouns (I'd prefer a comprehensive list, but any and all contributions will be greatly appreciated) with irregular genders?

At present, these are the ones I am aware of:

Mężczyzna; -ski; Tata

Mysz; Noc; Odpowiedź; Jesień

I am working through the Polish tree again with the intent to learn more thoroughly and to improve more accurately.

November 24, 2016

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ten: artysta, idiota, dyplomata, poeta, geodeta, maszynista (steam engine driver) and generally all nouns describing people finishing with -ista (komunista, oportunista...), the respective feminine forms end with -tka (NB! maszynistka is typist)

sędzia (judge), kaznodzieja (preacher) are masculine, too, but have no feminine form

sprzedawca (shop seller), pracodawca (employer) - fem. forms are sprzedawczyni, pracodawczyni

November 25, 2016

ten mężczyzna, ten -ski, ten tata, ta mysz, ta noc, ta odpowiedź, ta jesień

November 24, 2016
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